Selected Materials for Beginners

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  • Tensor: from Linear Algebra to Multilinear Algebra

  • Tensor implementations

  • Big data analysis

  • Deep learning and deep reinforcement learning

  • Various applications

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Tensor: from Linear Algebra to Multilinear Algebra

The basics for Tensor.

Linear Algebra

Tensor Basics

  • T.G. Kolda, B. W. Bader. Tensor decompositions and applications. SIAM Review, 51.3,  pp. 455-500, 2009.
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Tensor Toolbox

Tensor Implementations

  • N. Vervliet, O. Debals, L. De Lathauwer. November. Tensorlab 3.0—Numerical optimization strategies for large-scale constrained and coupled matrix/tensor factorization. In 50th Asilomar Conference on Signals, Systems and Computers, pp. 1733-1738, 2016.

Tensor Surveys

  • Q. Song, H. Ge, J. Caverlee, X. Hu. Tensor completion algorithms in big data analytics. ACM Transactions on Knowledge Discovery from Data (TKDD), 2019.

Deep Learning and Deep Reinforcement Learning

The basics for deep learning and deep reinforcement learning.

Extended Readings

More reading for your reference.

Alan Turing’s papers

  • Turing, A.M., 2009. Computing machinery and intelligence. In Parsing the Turing Test (pp. 23-65). Springer, Dordrecht.
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Recent Developments in AI

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Writing, Revising and Polishing Your Manuscripts

Suggestion for your Manuscripts..

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Interesting Papers

  • Heisenberg’s invention of matrices. Pradeep Kumar, 2017.

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